[Infographic] The A to Z Guide to Slideshare

A to Z Slideshare Infographic

Ultimate Guide To Slideshare, Everything Explained !!

Slideshare is a massively underestimated business and marketing tool. It’s the largest business content community tool and can get you massive exposure and yet not many companies understand how to use it.

Through this platform you have access to an estimated audience of 60-million unique visitors per month. You don’t want to miss on that, do you?

It’s actually pretty easy to use this platform. You need to build a branded Slideshare page, post content and go big on calls to actions by embedding links to your desired website. The platform actually gives you amazing analytics and you can see traffic sources, content views, viewer actions and much more.

Slideshare is great for finding new ideas. You can easily explore the content others share, which is organized by topics. Journalists use this platform heavily for research purposes so being there might help you get some media exposure.

You can also post strategic marketing documents, like PDFs or Office files and have lead forms appear when a user wants to download content. But make sure you create beautiful, easy to read content. Graphics matter, so strive to create visually impressive documents. Infographics also work very well so you might want to contact an Infographic Designer to help you with that. Granted, presentations make up the majority of the content and will perform really well in general, so don’t forget to also add that.

Do you use Linkedin? Great, it’s well connected with Slideshare so you can easily publish Slideshare content on Linkedin to get even more exposure. And don’t worry about mobile users, they can explore your Slideshare content through the dedicated apps.

You should strive to make content so good that it gets to the home page of SlideShare to really get eyes on you. The “Featured on SlideShare” section is the place to be. Moreover, being on SlideShare really helps you to rank better in search engine results. Transcripts of your slideshows are automatically extracted and published.

You can drag-and-drop content from almost anywhere: your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail and you can even upload video or embed Youtube content. Slideshare can also be embedded in other websites and you can easily send people to your Slideshare page.

Do you know the best part? It’s completely free to use. You only need a good Creative Agency to help you create excellent content if you don’t want to do it yourself and you’re ready to go. Perhaps an Infographic Agency can help you out with this.



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