Marketing Tools for Your Infographic Design

The way you market you website includes everything from the way your audience finds out about you, to the way it feels while they are visiting any of you’re your landing pages and the way your visitors communicate with you.

The first step in your marketing process is to inform potential visitors about your website. You can do this by working on your content for search engine optimization. This just means that you want your content to show up at when you potential audience searches the internet for topics relevant to your website. You want them to find you when they search for a keyword on Google or any other search engine.

A popular and easy method you can use to inform clients is through advertising your website on other websites. By customizing your advertisements and showing them at the web pages, you can gain traction and get to the relevant audience. Offer deals on Facebook, Amazon Local or Groupon to get your name out there and increase your traffic.

Another way to raise awareness about your company is to share useful and interesting infographic design appropriate to your website in social media. Remain active on Facebook, Twitter and other social websites and submit posts about current trends and popular issues.

The challenge here is not just to talk about something that is popular but bring something new to the table.

You don’t want to be the follower that just re-tweets facts that have been already discussed. Instead be the one who brings additional facts that should be thought about in light of the trending topic. You can successfully do this through infographic design, short surveys and by encouraging debates in your posts.

Once you have got that coveted click to your website, each of your landing pages should be designed to be welcoming, interesting and useful. You should have the right mix of visual content and text to encourage a pleasant time on the website. Navigation to other pages should be easy without being intrusive or distracting. You want the user to stay longer and click through the website. You don’t want that your content to be hard to read and too disorganized to understand. You want to use simple colors that are soft to the eye and a layout that creates a flow of information rather than a bunch of disjointed boxes. This is easily achieved through use of infographics.

Your current marketing efforts should only take up half the time. The remaining half should be spent analyzing your current traffic so you can make changes to future marketing strategies. Keep an eye on where you are getting most of your traffic from so you can assess where you need to improve. What are your most popular landing pages? How long does a reader stay on each landing page? Which landing page leads to the most clicks to other pages on your website? It is only after you have this data can you look for ways to improve your website and your marketing strategies. Maybe there are certain topics that your website is better at than others. Maybe there are certain colors used or layouts that are more appealing to your target audience. Analysis of your website usage can give you rare insights that will help your bottom line in the long run.

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