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Infographic Vs Simple Text Comparison

One of these is not like the other…

Which of the two images above appeals to you more? If they contained exactly the same information, which would you rather read? Which are you more likely to Like, Share or Tweet?

You probably chose the diagram on the left. Most other people will, too. That includes your current and potential clients.

Pictures speak to us. They convey ideas that spark both our memories and our imaginations. Looking at a picture is indeed like reading a thousand words. More than that, it allows us to visualize relationships in a way that is not possible with words.

And in that fact lies the power of Infographic Marketing.

Infographic Design Agency

The Secret Behind Infographic Marketing for Business

We have all seen infographics before – those quirky, innovative and extremely fascinating strips of pictorial data. They come in many forms but each is designed to do the same thing – hold your attention. Then, they tell you a story that you otherwise would have never bothered to hear.

When done right, infographics can take information that would have been just a table of words and numbers and transform it into the Holy Grail of marketing – Viral Content.

Viral Content

This could be just the beginning of your viral campaign…

Think back to the last time you saw an infographic. Do you remember the amusement it gave you from the fun and engaging way information was revealed? Do you recall how much it helped you understand in a short time?

That’s what infographics do. They make learning fun. They make your message fun.

How would you like to give the world an experience like that when they read about your brand?

Reaching and widening your audience with infographics has never been simpler. Infographics can tell the story of your brand, about the field you are in and what you can do. There can even be an infographic just about you, yourself. It can be about the past, present, the future or all combined. Infographics are truly a medium without limits.

All you need is the right Infographic Designer & right Infographics Design Agency.

Your Very Own Infographic Designer

“Infographic design?” you ask, “But I already have a pictures guy.”

Confused Designer

This may or may not be your graphic designer’s actual office.

I bet your ‘pictures guy’ aka graphic designer is good at what he does. But infographic designers are much more than just pictures guys.

Infographic designers are expert storytellers. They understand how to immerse the audience in your narrative. They can tell a story in pictures in a way that a viewer cannot help but follow to the end.

What they create is a world of wonder around your product, your company and you.

Does that sound like something your brand needs?

Most SMEs have not yet recognized the true power the infographic holds and consider it the realm of larger corporations.

This actually works in favor of businesses that embrace the concept of infographic marketing. An infographic with your brand name or entirely about your brand itself can catapult you into a higher echelon in the eyes of both your clients and competitors.

Best Designer

Rise above the rest – wings and designer infographics both help

Another extremely useful side-effect is the aura of competence and leadership an infographic campaign can create.

This occurs when the perfect combination of accurate data and sharp analysis jumps out at the viewer. It shows them how well you understand the key concepts involved. There is no better advertisement than solid knowledge.

There is no better advertisement for solid knowledge than the infographic.

Customized Designer Infographics

When you use an infographic design service, you step into a new world.

Designer infographics free the ideas in your head with a creativity that showcases that knowledge. The process itself is eye-opening. There is an indescribable thrill in seeing your concepts brought to life with exciting graphics, illustrations and colors.

Each infographic is based on a simple principle – present information in small, tantalizing morsels.

Dont overload the information

Each little bit is easy to digest so your audience does not get bored.

More importantly, this helps them remember more. They remember both what they learned and they also remember who taught them – you.

In today’s era of information overload, infographics are the brightly shining stars in an inky night sky of average content.

The Infographic Revolution – Are You In?

Today, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to content marketing. There are many, many tools to choose from and new ones being invented all the time. Words, pictures and videos fight for space and each is important in its own right, as is social media.

An infographic simply brings them all together to create the perfect nexus of creativity.

There has been no better time to reveal your own infographic to the world. {Talk to us}


Author –

Infobrandz Vikas Agrawal is the co-founder & owner of Infobrandz, A creative designing service known for top notch Infographics, Presentations & Ebooks and whitepaper designing.


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