[Infographic] Great Big List Of Infographic Ideas

List of Infographics Ideas

Probably the first thing every Infographic Agency hears from a client is “We want an infographic but don’t know about what.” Yes, it can be a little tricky to find the perfect idea, but once you study the domain a little bit more you’ll see that there are plenty of ideas and themes you can approach, depending on what you want to communicate, of course.

To get an idea about what your infographic should be about you can first of all establish what main ideas you want your primary audience to know and then to think visual. People are much more likely to remember what they see than what they hear or read. This list of infographic ideas to will help you find a visual way to explain a process, make a comparison, present a timeline or a collection of ideas, quotes or statistics. An infographic will decouple the parts of even the most complicated concepts, showing its components and making it easy to understand.

You can also get some inspiration from what other people are doing. Many companies go to an Infographic Company to seek aid in creating very visual instructions or to find a way to present charts and tables in a more compelling way. Warnings and rules also look pretty good in infographic form.

An infographic designer will be able to explain hard to understand metaphors and concepts in a simple way. Reports, trends or the features of a product become much more clear when they are visual and colorful.

You can also stand out from the rest of the pack with an infographic. Imagine a resume in infographic style. You’d want to read that and will appreciate the creativity of that person. It works the same for the services offered by one company.

There are endless infographic designs options you can choose from. More often than not, the designer will propose a certain design and you are at liberty to modify it according to your own vision. You can present history of a country or company in infographic form or you can inform the public about a place or event and what they need to do when they get there. Guides look especially good in this form and a personal or company manifesto in visual form will surely become viral.

Infographics tell a story, almost any story, really well. Whether you want to communicate a few simple ideas in list form, explain some weird acronyms or if you have a new concept you want people to understand just go visual. It’s going to be fun and it will have impact. So just take the plunge, go infographic style, it will pay off in dividends.

Infographic Ideas

I want to thank my content partner Barry Feldman for this Infographic’s script


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