4 Stats that Prove You Should Use Infographic for Marketing Right Now

We have entered a very competitive era in online marketing. According to experts, brands need to broaden their horizons if they want to cut through the content noise. They need to pay attention to deeper engagement, cover more unique topics, and invest on visual content to capture the online audience’s attention.

For the latter, marketers have plenty of options, including videos, slideshow presentations, and VR content. But when it comes to cost-efficiency and versatility, no other content type can match the value of infographics.

Here are some of their top three benefits:

  • Easily Redistributable – Infographics are well-suited for every known content distribution channel — from newsletters to blog posts. They can also be easily repurposed into slideshows with the help of image editing software.
  • Affordable – Not only are infographics cheaper than videos, they can also be handmade with online design tools like Canva. A professional designer, however, is recommended if you want a 100% unique and branded infographic.
  • Flexible – An infographic can contain different types of data visualizations to fit your big ideas, making it the “swiss army knife” of visual content. It can utilize Venn diagrams, timeline, charts, lists, and other forms of graphical content.

On paper, infographics do seem like they’re perfect for getting your point across to your target audience. But do they actually deliver?

Here are 4 stats that prove you should start using infographics for your marketing:

Infographics can increase web traffic by 12%

In an internet-driven economy, traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. Without traffic, you can’t generate leads. And without leads, you’ll eventually run out of income to sustain your company.

With infographics, you can boost traffic to your content by up to 12%, according to Demand Gen Report.


  • Web users cling to value, which infographics can deliver through quality, bite-sized information that are relevant to their journeys. Just address their pain points and implement aggressive promotion tactics to spread your infographic.
  • Fortunately, infographics are known to perform incredibly well in social media, which leads to another important statistic:

Infographics generate 3x more engagement in social media

Statistics show that infographics receive 3x more engagement than any other type of content in social media — resulting in more likes, comments, shares, and “reactions” on Facebook.

The more engagement you generate, the more visible your infographic becomes. This means you can exponentially grow your social presence with the right approach — exposing you to more qualified leads and potential influencers.


  • Remember to include plenty of branding elements that lead social media users back to your website.
  • You can maximize your success by using a social media management platform like Buffer and scheduling posts based on your audience’s most active times.
  • Make it easier for your audience to share your infographics with tools like AddThis Image Share.

Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than text

An infographic garners attention regardless if it’s through social media or not. When used in your blog, it is 30x more likely to be read than a post that only contains text. This means you’ll have more opportunities to get your brand’s message across and introduce concepts that stimulate the demand for your products or services.


  • Don’t waste precious web traffic by forgetting to have a lead capture strategy in place. Once users are satisfied with your content, they should be more willing to become newsletter subscribers or paying customers. You just need to give them one extra push with the right call-to-action (CTA).
  • Although infographics perform better than text, try to write at least 600 words to accompany them in your blog posts. This will enable you to expound your key ideas and optimize your post for SEO.

People remember 65% of information when presented in visual form

A study by the European Journal of Cognitive Psychology revealed that people remember 65% of information if it’s presented in visual form. In comparison, they’ll only remember 10% of that information if they received it through hearing or plain text. This means infographics, along with videos, photographs, and even memes, can leave a lasting impression on your audience.


  • Being distinguished from similar competitors is a crucial step to brand growth. If you want your unique value propositions to be remembered, consider using an infographic in your website’s “About” page.
  • Infographics are also useful for relaying step-by-step information. Use them to present tutorials on how to use your product or service.


Ready to take your content marketing to the next level? Just like any other strategy, you need to be pragmatic and well-informed before every decision. Click here for more tips on how you can creatively spread your message in infographic form.

How to Perfectly Pitch Your Guest Blog Post

Growing your business through guest posting on popular blogs is a great strategy. Yet many people are unable to obtain guest blog posts because they do not know the secrets to the perfect pitch. The right pitch will land guest blog posts that can skyrocket your business over night.

Pitching Your Guest Post

You’ve made a business and built an online presence for it. Now, you’re ready to start driving traffic.

After all – if nobody sees your offer and nobody knows it exists, who’s going to buy from you?

That’s right: nobody.

And Guest Blogging is a great way to get traffic, raise brand awareness and position yourself as an authority in exchange for helping established sites get quality content.

In the past, countless people have used this method to get instant results for their business and explode their sales. One example is Danny Iny, who wrote 80+ guest posts to get his Firepole Marketing brand from 0 to 23,000 monthly page views in the space of 4 weeks.

Another example is Jon Morrow, who started with no paid traffic and no existing list… And generated a lead list of 13,000+ people through guest posting alone.

What cases like these demonstrate is that you can create a successful business on a shoestring budget – or boost an existing business’s results dramatically – by guest blogging effectively.

And while knowing how to write for the internet is key, there’s another overlooked aspect to this game that most people don’t think about: pitching your guest posts.

After all, finding the optimal places to post and creating articles that have a high chance of being published there is key to your success as a guest blogger. If you don’t do these 2 things, your work will either be ineffective or outright rejected.

So in the infographic below, we illustrate the exact, specific, researched steps that will make your guest blogging as effective as possible.

You’ll find the image below – but first, we’ll elaborate on its main steps in writing.

Look For Guest Blogging Opportunities

There are plenty of ways to find guest blogging opportunities. writersincharge.com has multiple lists of niche-specific websites that will accept your articles. shoutmeloud.com has a list of 50+ high-quality blogs that will do the same.

But if you want to be thorough and get the best results possible, you’re best off finding opportunities for yourself. Fortunately, Google makes this easy; all you have to do is look up queries like…

  • “Submit a guest post”
  • “Accepting guest posts”
  • “Guest posts [niche]”
  • “Guest post guidelines”
  • This will give you plenty of websites to work with – especially if you add your industry/niche to the search.

    Once you find some blogs to write for, estimate how many of them you can realistically apply to in the next month… And make an appropriately-sized list, prioritizing the websites that are the best fit for your knowledge and talents.

    Once you do, move on to…

    Writing Your Pitch

    Most blogs will ask you to write a short pitch or introduction before you submit a guest post.

    They do this to separate spammers from people who actually read their guidelines – so priority #1 is familiarizing yourself with 2 things:

  • The blog’s format. This will help you make your pitch more effective.
  • Guest post guidelines. Following these will maximize your chances of getting published.
  • This way, you’ll set yourself up to be viewed as a serious, respectful applicant.

    Aside from doing that, there are several handy hacks you can use to maximize your e-mails chances of getting opened and read.

    For starters, mention the recipient’s name in the subject line where possible. This has been shown to increase click-through rates by a whopping 17.36%.

    Second, try to offer some added value to sweeten the deal. For example, if your website already has a fair amount of traffic, offer to share a backlink to the recipient’s blog in your next post there.

    Even if it doesn’t make a huge difference, it’s a nice gesture – and everyone likes people who offer value instead of just taking it.

    Having said that, don’t just make your pitch about the person reading it. It’s important to…

    Position Yourself Correctly

    A lot of guest posts get shot down because they fail to understand the psychology of their pitches’ recipients.

    At the end of the day, your post is only valuable if it’s useful or entertaining to someone’s followers. This means, first and foremost, understanding the readership of the blog you’re pitching to.

    Fail to do so, and you can have the best ideas in the world and still get rejected. Remember, a blog author’s main objective is to serve their readers! And that’s why step #1 is always understanding them. Ask yourself: what does your target blog’s readership like and dislike? What drives them? What do they enjoy reading?

    You’ll find the answers to these questions, and many others, by simply analyzing what’s been popular on a blog in the past.

    Once you’ve understood the people reading the blog you’re trying to guest for, you need to position yourself as someone qualified to talk to them. This means being realistic and asking yourself:

  • Am I qualified to guest post on this blog?
  • What qualities do I have that will appeal to the target audience?
  • What knowledge and experience do I have that will be useful to the readers?
  • This isn’t just good practice for getting your pitch approved. This will help ensure that people read your post all the way through and click on the links in your bio, driving traffic to your own website – which is the ultimate goal of this whole process.

    So let’s Recap.

    The key elements of a home-run guest blog pitch are:

  • Finding opportunities
  • Writing your pitch
  • Understanding the audience
  • Positioning yourself correctly
  • You can do these in any order – but it is imperative you give each point some thought, even if you’re an experienced guest blogger.

    And remember: there’s no shame in getting inspiration from competing blogs. For example, if you want to write for Forbes, looking at Business Insider’s most successful articles will give you some fresh content ideas. You should be ethical and avoid copying content outright – but inspiration and borrowing are effective and safe.

    Now save and print out this infographic below to get even more information on crafting great blog post pitches!

    How to Perfectly Pitch Your Guest Blog Post

    [ Infographic ] 6 Excuses Small Businesses Make For Not Having a Website ‏

    6 Excuses Small Businesses Make For Not Having a Website in 2016

    We designed this Infographic for Rapid Web Launch & I would like to thank Patrick Antinozzi for allowing me to use this Infographic on Infobrandz’s blog.

    Today, 43% of the world’s population – or more than 3.2 billion people – have access to the internet. In developed countries, this figure is closer to 96%. Within this vast number of people, a steadily increasing ratio is accessing online content via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

    There has been a sharp increase in both in the number of mobile internet users and the amount of information they access. From the latest news to where to go and what to eat, what to wear and how to get somewhere, people are finding the information they need on the go.

    Information from mobile internet access has become one of the most powerful factors in affecting our decisions on where to spend our money. In the near future, this trend is only set to increase.

    This means that every potential customer can now make a decision on where to spend their money 24 hours a day. Your business is not open 24 hours a day… but a website is.

    But My Business Already has a Facebook Page!

    There are few businesses owners today that completely reject the idea of an online presence. The majority of them have a personal Facebook page. They either have a business page linked to that account or delegate that responsibility to an employee.

    Facebook Business Page

    Image sourced from here

    The idea of a Facebook page or a Twitter feed, Youtube channel and Instagram account may all play a part in the promotion of your business. But there is one downside to relying on social media accounts alone, and it is a huge one. Its simple –


    That’s right, the kid next door who sells lemonade on her lawn, the guy who dances for change at the mall and the business that shut down last year – they might all have Facebook Business pages. For them, that’s a good thing because it has made interconnecting easier.

    Kids having Facebook Page

    Image sourced from here

    However, for you as a serious enterprise, having only a Facebook page or similar puts you on an equal footing with amateurs and semi-serious entrepreneurs. As they say, you are judged by the company you keep.

    On the other hand, a website puts you above the crowd.

    It shows that you are on a different playing field altogether. Even though owning a website has become very affordable, it is still not free (at least not when it comes to a quality independent site). That serves to separate the professionals from the dabblers.

    A website gives you credibility.

    The Design Straitjacket

    The Design Straitjacket

    There are tens of millions of businesses registered on social media platforms.

    Unfortunately, there aren’t tens of millions of templates from which users can choose. You are able to edit your profile picture and page banner but not much else.

    The result is an uninspiringly dull appearance, similar to countless others.

    If you are looking to showcase your innovative and creative flair, or looking to set yourself apart from the crowd, a social media platform is not the way.

    Your own website, though, can be molded any way you like. More importantly, it can be adapted to what your customers like.

    Maintain Full Control

    Besides the limitations in design, your social media page is never entirely your own. The content and interaction guidelines set by Facebook and other such sites are non-negotiable. Break them and there are consequences.

    These may be simple measures like posting restrictions. In other cases, it can be a complete shut-down of your page.

    System Shutdown

    Image sourced from here
    Could your business handle a complete shut-down?

    When you have your own website, you set the rules. You get to decide how to best run your online campaign and when or what your customers get to see.

    If nothing else, a website is a mar of your independence as a business person.


    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Research shows that more and more customers are looking for products online through search engines like Google.

    In fact, it has been shown that people prefer to type a name in a search engine over typing a URL. It gives your business immediate access to about 92% of the adult population.

    How does this affect your decision to have a website?

    Social platforms give a very limited range of options for SEO but websites give you full control over how your site appears in search results.

    They also give you a greater ability to track what customers do when on your page using sophisticated analytic tools. Together, this gives an incredible insight into what customers are looking for and, of course, how to increase sales.

    Save Time, Save Money

    Save Time Save Money

    Image sourced from here

    Someone walks into your store and asks questions of employees for 20 minutes. Perhaps other customers come and leave the store in that time because your staff was busy. Finally, the questioner leaves without making a purchase.

    Has this happened to you?

    You are not alone. This experience is a waste of time and contributes to employee fatigue. It increases workload without any return on the time and effort spent.

    Yet, it can be avoided if you have a website that customers can visit. Their doubts may be cleared and only genuine customers will take up the time of your employees. It may even increase sales because customers can see the entire range of your products.

    The result – more sales for far less effort.

    Really, Is it Necessary?


    Every successful business requires effort, exploration and discovery. A lot of that effort goes into things that you would not have done before.

    Not all those individual efforts are sure to result in increased business standing. Your own business website is.

    If you take a look back at your own purchasing behavior and that of others around you, you will probably see that there is no escaping the reach of the internet. The most successful companies in every field have an online presence and maintain it well.

    When it has become as simple and as affordable to have such a powerful tool in your hands, the question you should really be asking is, “Why not?”



    Infobrandz Vikas Agrawal is the co-founder & owner of Infobrandz, A creative designing service known for top notch Infographics, Presentations & Ebooks and whitepaper designing.



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    Infographic Marketing – Delivering Your Message Creatively

    Infographic Vs Simple Text Comparison

    One of these is not like the other…

    Which of the two images above appeals to you more? If they contained exactly the same information, which would you rather read? Which are you more likely to Like, Share or Tweet?

    You probably chose the diagram on the left. Most other people will, too. That includes your current and potential clients.

    Pictures speak to us. They convey ideas that spark both our memories and our imaginations. Looking at a picture is indeed like reading a thousand words. More than that, it allows us to visualize relationships in a way that is not possible with words.

    And in that fact lies the power of Infographic Marketing.

    Infographic Design Agency

    The Secret Behind Infographic Marketing for Business

    We have all seen infographics before – those quirky, innovative and extremely fascinating strips of pictorial data. They come in many forms but each is designed to do the same thing – hold your attention. Then, they tell you a story that you otherwise would have never bothered to hear.

    When done right, infographics can take information that would have been just a table of words and numbers and transform it into the Holy Grail of marketing – Viral Content.

    Viral Content

    This could be just the beginning of your viral campaign…

    Think back to the last time you saw an infographic. Do you remember the amusement it gave you from the fun and engaging way information was revealed? Do you recall how much it helped you understand in a short time?

    That’s what infographics do. They make learning fun. They make your message fun.

    How would you like to give the world an experience like that when they read about your brand?

    Reaching and widening your audience with infographics has never been simpler. Infographics can tell the story of your brand, about the field you are in and what you can do. There can even be an infographic just about you, yourself. It can be about the past, present, the future or all combined. Infographics are truly a medium without limits.

    All you need is the right Infographic Designer & right Infographics Design Agency.

    Your Very Own Infographic Designer

    “Infographic design?” you ask, “But I already have a pictures guy.”

    Confused Designer

    This may or may not be your graphic designer’s actual office.

    I bet your ‘pictures guy’ aka graphic designer is good at what he does. But infographic designers are much more than just pictures guys.

    Infographic designers are expert storytellers. They understand how to immerse the audience in your narrative. They can tell a story in pictures in a way that a viewer cannot help but follow to the end.

    What they create is a world of wonder around your product, your company and you.

    Does that sound like something your brand needs?

    Most SMEs have not yet recognized the true power the infographic holds and consider it the realm of larger corporations.

    This actually works in favor of businesses that embrace the concept of infographic marketing. An infographic with your brand name or entirely about your brand itself can catapult you into a higher echelon in the eyes of both your clients and competitors.

    Best Designer

    Rise above the rest – wings and designer infographics both help

    Another extremely useful side-effect is the aura of competence and leadership an infographic campaign can create.

    This occurs when the perfect combination of accurate data and sharp analysis jumps out at the viewer. It shows them how well you understand the key concepts involved. There is no better advertisement than solid knowledge.

    There is no better advertisement for solid knowledge than the infographic.

    Customized Designer Infographics

    When you use an infographic design service, you step into a new world.

    Designer infographics free the ideas in your head with a creativity that showcases that knowledge. The process itself is eye-opening. There is an indescribable thrill in seeing your concepts brought to life with exciting graphics, illustrations and colors.

    Each infographic is based on a simple principle – present information in small, tantalizing morsels.

    Dont overload the information

    Each little bit is easy to digest so your audience does not get bored.

    More importantly, this helps them remember more. They remember both what they learned and they also remember who taught them – you.

    In today’s era of information overload, infographics are the brightly shining stars in an inky night sky of average content.

    The Infographic Revolution – Are You In?

    Today, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to content marketing. There are many, many tools to choose from and new ones being invented all the time. Words, pictures and videos fight for space and each is important in its own right, as is social media.

    An infographic simply brings them all together to create the perfect nexus of creativity.

    There has been no better time to reveal your own infographic to the world. {Talk to us}


    Author –

    Infobrandz Vikas Agrawal is the co-founder & owner of Infobrandz, A creative designing service known for top notch Infographics, Presentations & Ebooks and whitepaper designing.


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    Pricing Banner

    A to Z Slideshare Infographic

    [ Infographic ] The A to Z Guide to Slideshare

    A to Z Slideshare Infographic

    Slide. Share. It’s that simple.

    Slideshare is one of those brilliant ideas that identified an unfilled niche in online technology and crafted the ideal, straightforward solution – Create a presentation, then share it.

    Since 2006, this approach has made it a magnet for professional content and content creators. Slideshare now has over 70 million registered users who enjoy access to over 18 million uploads. It receives 60 million unique visits every month, making it one of the world’s top 100 most popular websites.

    Slide Share and Business

    The site has also emerged as the world’s largest business content community. In fact, many people are surprised to discover that Slideshare attracts more visits from business owners than the stalwarts of social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

    The Slideshare platform is ideal for a business to share its ideas with the world, create a buzz about the company and its products and, ultimately, transform views into sales. Slideshare design agencies are tapping into this fertile market to create viral content, some of which is shared millions of times to garner unprecedented publicity for their clients.

    Whereas presentations are the backbone of the Slideshare platform, that term itself has undergone an evolution. Quite apart from the ‘text on a side’ with a smattering of pictures thrown in, we now see the emergence of a revolutionary, exciting and, most importantly, effective approach to conveying information – The Infographic.

    Slideshare and the Infographic

    An infographic is a representation of data, primarily facts and figures, that breaks the shackles of a simple table filled with numbers. Instead, Slideshare designers who utilize the infographic represent the same data with color, shapes and icons.

    Together, they are designed to capture the attention of the viewer, allow them to process the information quickly, and then convince them to share it with their social circle.

    Together, they are designed to capture the attention of the viewer, allow them to process the information quickly, and then convince them to share it with their social circle.

    By those criteria, the infographic is the perfect advertisement for your company. Best of all, all the resulting publicity and exponential increase in brand awareness is absolutely free.

    Slideshare and the infographic are so inherently compatible that we have designed an Infographic explaining the Slideshare Benefits!

    Called ‘The A to Z Guide to Slideshare: Your Cheat Sheet for Mastering the World’s Largest Business Content Community’, it is the ideal place for beginners to discover Slideshare and for regular users to uncover hitherto unutilized features.

    Slideshare Designer

    I want to thank my content partner Barry Feldman for this Infographic’s script

    Establishing Yourself through Slideshare

    Besides being the ideal launch pad for viral infographics to target customers, Slideshare’s features also allow you to establish a solid reputation both for yourself professionally and for your brand.

    To achieve this, the ideal Slideshare presentation must convey a depth of knowledge, the ability to process and filter that knowledge to the fundamentals, and a talent for communicating those fundamentals in a way that is easy for the viewer to comprehend.

    Whereas you are already an expert in your field, choosing the right Slideshare designer is critical for this process because it is the visual depiction of your ideas that will allow you to showcase your expertise and emerge as a leader in the industry. By partnering with the right Slideshare design agency, you open up an entirely new dimension of possibilities.

    Business owners and entrepreneurs who use Slideshare through such collaborations find that their standing among their peers in their respective fields is greatly enhanced. Other individuals and organizations start to look to their content for expert knowledge and inspiration.

    Slideshare has an established internal system that allows the best to rise to the top. In-house editors identify the most powerful from the thousands of uploads every month to feature on Slideshare’s homepage. There is also a Keynote Authors program where distinguished contributors are invited to share their opinions. In this way, your content – and you – receive even more exposure than you would have otherwise.

    If you want to mold the future of your industry by promulgating your ideas and enjoy the accolades and distinction of being a mover and shaker instead of just another participant, Slideshare is the answer.

    Creating the Most Effective Slideshare Designs

    The best Slideshare designers work with a range of presentation formats, from the traditional PowerPoint to the infographic and everything in between. They are able to show you the difference a choice of color, shade and lighting can produce, and help you select from a range of depiction methods that are best suited for your needs.

    When you decide to use a Slideshare expert to work on your presentation, it does not mean leaving your project entirely in their hands; the process is always a collaboration based on your invaluable input. The designers offer their professional opinion on how to maximize your reach based on their experience but the ultimate decision and direction the project takes is always squarely in your own hands.

    Apart from the content you create, the Slideshare platform gives you the ability to control the appearance of your own homepage on their website. Just like on your own website, this feature gives you the ability to maintain consistency in appearance across your online presence. Again, a Slideshare design agency can help you craft the ideal image to optimize viewership and visibility.

    Slideshare – More than Just Sharing Slide

    In today’s era of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), some uploaders may be apprehensive about investing time and effort in content that might not register on an online search. Slideshare anticipated that issue and has created a system whereby all the text embedded in an uploaded document is converted to a transcript that is automatically shared with search engines.

    This way, you gain all the exposure from being highlighted on major search engines like Google and Bing as well as Slideshare itself.

    The Future of Slideshare

    Slideshare’s reach within the business community is further enhanced by its purchase recently by the world’s largest professional networking service, LinkedIn. That decision itself is a testament to how the potential of Slideshare has been recognized by those most familiar with business networking.

    Slideshare has been called the sleeping giant of business for the incomparable way it is bringing businesses closer to investors, clients and other businesses. Its star is still rising and there is no time like the present to jump on board!


    Author –

    Infobrandz Vikas Agrawal is the co-founder & owner of Infobrandz, A creative designing service known for top notch Infographics, Presentations & Ebooks and whitepaper designing.



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    Social Media Tricks

    [Infographic] The Effective Social Media Tactics You Need To Try Today

    Social Media Tricks

    Raise your hands if you have ever received unsolicited social media marketing advice.

    Social Media Marketing Infobrandz

    Who likes this website?

    Wow. Everyone, huh?

    It seems that the majority of people you meet have content marketing ideas they believe can transform your online and social media presence.

    There is a treasure trove of over 2 billion social media accounts around the world at stake. With people spending hours on them every day, the right advice could be the key to stunning success.

    Good intentions aside, how do you separate the right advice from the bad suggestions from the insane babbling?

    This infographic of 30 social media tactics will put you on the fast track to success.

    It is drawn from some of the world’s leading branding and social media experts.


    I would like to thank my Content Partner Barry Feldman for this Infographic’s creative script.

    As you can see, Some of the advice is very simple and straightforward, as the best ideas always are. Here is a summary of what you will learn.

    SEO and Content

    Invest time and energy intelligently when creating webpages worthy of your company’s brand.

    SEO – more than meets the eye

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the buzz word today, and rightly so.

    Research gives us two facts that explain why this is –

    • More people prefer to type names in a search engine to typing in the web address box.
    • Less than 10% of searchers venture beyond the first page of results.

    Taken together, this means that any time and effort you invest in your website without SEO in mind is largely wasted. Keywords are crucial to your search ranking.

    Learn the relationship between SEO, keywords and current trends.

    Combine this with branded webpages that offer exciting, fresh content to keep them coming back for more.

    Identify and learn from market leaders

    Many of the companies and individuals who are most successful at content marketing share the same social media tactics. Pay special attention to their timing, their tone and the variety of content.

    Identify the common themes responsible for their success and make them your own.

    Use Images

    Images are a powerful part of the social media fabric.

    Whether you use downloaded stock images, create your own collages or use the increasingly popular customized infographic, focus on the visual. People remember more of what they see than what they read.


    Relationships Matter

    Discover who your followers are. Use hashtags to find out what your target demographic is talking about. Join the conversation. Abandon the entrepreneur’s voice and be more casual. Don’t just talk; ask questions.

    People love to share and tag photos of themselves – post your own and your team’s.

    Timing is an important factor. Make sure that you post at a time when most of your followers are active on social media. Respond to queries and suggestions promptly and positively.

    Competitions and giveaways give a huge boost to content marketing. Reward your regular visitors.
    One-to-one relationships are a golden social media marketing tactic. Focus on bloggers and other influencers in your niche and create a mutually beneficial association.

    Be pro-active in getting followers.

    Whether at your own live event or anywhere else, asking people to follow you can be a great social media tactic.

    Experts say that simply adding a pop-up to your website that asks visitors to follow you is another effective social media trick. Apparently, it can double your social media traffic in just one month!


    Don’t overdo it.

    Internet users dislike being hounded when they are online. No one minds a gentle nudge, but Push too hard and you could easily end up with a Spammer label.

    Getting rid of that label is a lot harder than earning it.

    First name Spam, last name Mer.

    Pay attention to Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Infographics – beautiful and intelligent.

    Basic analytics are provided free by Google and other companies. They allow you to monitor and understand how people interact with your content. Learn what your clients want, what works and what you should change.

    It can also tell you where your traffic comes from and where it goes so you can streamline your online ad campaigns to create a stronger web presence.

    Social media campaigns are a part of your whole business model. Like anything else that is worth it, they take effort and time to reach their peak. You already know your goal; be patient and enjoy the journey.

    Expertise Matters

    Perhaps the most basic takeaway from this isn’t even a social media trick at all – try to see things from your followers’ eyes.

    The odds are that they would enjoy and dislike the same things you would. The simple question, “How would I react to this?” can work wonders in planning your content marketing strategy.

    Ask The Experts

    If you do need assistance, engage the services of social media marketing strategists. Besides their knowledge of the genre, they will also be able to hook you up with graphics designers, infographic design agencies (like us) and content creators for the strongest battle plan.


    Author –

    Infobrandz Vikas Agrawal is the co-founder & owner of Infobrandz, A creative designing service known for top notch Infographics, Presentations & Ebooks and whitepaper designing.



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    List of Infographics Ideas

    [Infographic] The Great Big List Of Infographic Ideas

    In my years as an infographic design specialist, I have been told one thing more than any other.

    No, it’s nothing about my choice of color combinations. It’s not how to market infographics. Nor is it how fantastic my infographics ideas are (which is always pretty fantastic, by the way).

    What I hear most often is,

    I want an infographic but I don’t know what I want it to be about.

    I dont know what I want

    Does that sound like something that you might say?

    If it is, here is our crash course of the 25 basic infographic ideas to get you started with the perfect one for your business.

    Yes, it’s an infographic about infographics.

    Infographic Ideas

    I want to thank my content partner Barry Feldman for this Infographic’s script

    Why Infographics?

    The principle behind infographics is that we remember what we see more than what we read or hear.

    3 Monkeys

    Infographics give data and facts as graphic representations instead of as words and numbers. Complicated processes are broken down to their basic elements. Colors and shapes of differing size drive home concepts at a glance.

    This allows even a layperson to grasp complex ideas and large amounts of information easily and quickly.

    Infographic Ideas that Work

    Within above list are 25 infographic themes targeted to specific purposes. Some are simple, like using an acronym spelled out or a list of data with accompanying pictures to illustrate each entry. There is beauty in this simplicity and many stories are best told in a straightforward manner for maximum viewer engagement.

    Others use elaborate methods to beautiful effect.

    One of the most popular genres of infographics is the cut-away.

    In this, a unit composed of many individual pieces has a section cut away. The exposed cross-section shows the object’s ‘insides’ and how many parts come together to create a working whole.

    Cut away infographic sample

    This method is ideal to describe how a piece of machinery or a natural formation has come to be.

    A similar theme is the ‘explosion’.

    In this, a complex system is broken down to its components. These are shown radiating away from the center of the object around which they would normally be arranged.

    Cut away infographic sample car

    This exposes each component fully and allows the viewer to understand its individual position and role in the system.

    Why do these Infographic Ideas Work?

    For one, you would have to write volumes and give long speeches to explain the relationships that the infographic does so easily. This has enormous educational potential whether your audience is in a classroom or a boardroom.


    It also works because we like to see new things or common things through new eyes. Such infographics allow us that experience through the fun and wonder of new discovery.

    Getting Your Message Across

    Infographics are also great instruction manuals.

    Drying a baby

    Any company that is serious about getting its instructions and safety messages across inevitably relies on infographics. Think back to the last time you read assembly instructions, a user manual or a safety guide.

    The odds are it had a lot of accompanying pictures.

    The rationale is simple – people are short of time and their attention is being sought by countless things around them. If you want to convey your message, do it in a short time.

    Use pictures, use color, combine both and use an infographic. Your clients will be thankful. And mesmerized for the short time you need to get your message across.

    Do I Need an Infographic Design Service?

    Infographic concept

    The thought, creativity and effort that goes into making an infographic is phenomenal. It is also immediately obvious to anyone who looks closely. This can be used as an unspoken tool in a case where it really matters – your resume.

    That’s right, innovative individuals are now even creating custom infographic resumes.

    A colorful, graphic rendering of your capabilities is certain to catch – and hold – the attention of potential employers immediately. Perhaps more importantly, it will showcase your abilities as an out-of-the-box problem solver to those who matter.

    Using an infographic design service can help you get that job and income you deserve.

    Custom Infographics

    Custom Infographic Designer

    The creation of a designer infographic is a complicated process in itself; it is best to rely on the services of an established professional infographic design company.

    Infographic designers are like the directors of films. They balance a hundred factors to get each in the exact proportion for maximum effect. Words, numbers, colors and shapes have to be shown just right.

    However, when you use a you use an infographic design service, you do not lose control over the design of your own infographic – you guide it.

    The evolution of your customized infographic from start to end is a collaborative effort between your infographic design agency and you. They suggest what they think would work best for your needs but the ultimate decision is always in your hands.

    Infographic Marketing Success



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